The Flywheel Energy Store

The Flywheel Energy Store

The flywheel energy store is a kinetic energy storage unit, it stores energy in a rotating mass as kinetic energy, but is 15 times more energy dense than anything available on the market today. 

Very simply, you would need 15 times the space if you chose batteries rather than the flywheel energy store, to store the same amount of energy.

The flywheel is not only more energy dense but provides high power output, this means it will not suffer if you demand a lot of energy quickly.  

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Applications & Benefits

Domestic Use

With a flywheel energy storage unit, and your own solar panels or mini wind turbines, you could become totally self-sufficient. 

You can become separate from the national grid, and be a totally green off-grid home. 


The Flywheel Energy Store can be used in multiple transport systems. It can work in place of batteries, similar to electric vehicles. The difference is the increase in range of the vehicle. 

A vehicle that would typically reach 250 miles using fully charged batteries, could achieve over 1500miles with an equivalent bank of flywheel energy stores. Charging is instant, seconds instead of minutes. 

Developing Countries

The benefits of being a standalone and heat resistant system allows the Flywheel Energy Store  to survive hostile environments, where batteries couldn't. 

An example application is forming a pump system to provide running water to remote villages in developing countries. Solar panels and/or wind turbines working in conjunction with a Flywheel Energy Store unit would give running water at virtually no maintenance cost.

Commercial & Residential Application

Energy prices vary throughout a 24 hour production process. Instead of paying peak prices, you could harvest and store your own energy. Factories and warehouses are perfect for large energy harvesting, with large roof area for solar panels. The total energy usage could be replaced by solar panels and a storage unit, and never have a bill from your energy supplier again!

Independent Power

Being able to store your own energy means that you will no longer have power cuts. When the national grid has a deficit in supply, we all go without power, having your own 'bank' of energy at home means this will never happen. 

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