How it started

The energy store was created by our founder, Abigail Carson.  The idea formed at university, when she proposed an individual project to complete her undergraduate degree. She started in October, and by May, had filed a patent application for the rotary energy store. 

The project was awarded 'Best Project' by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers that year, and features in many press releases from across the world.  (some are hyperlinked at he end of the page)

Demonstrator units of the rotary energy store are underway to jump start 'getting to market' whilst the patent is proceeding in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia, India Canada, Japan  and China. 

 Abigail was invited to deliver a Ted Talk, hosted in Hasselt, Belgium, the theme was Moonshot thinking, enjoy  the videos below!


Check out what Moonshot thinking is all about.

Check out the TedX Talk from Belgium.