The Energy Store

In Brief

The flywheel energy store, brought to you by Inter-rupt allows you to be energy independent, and reliant on only green energy. 

Working in conjunction with solar panels, wind turbines or other energy harvesters, the flywheel energy store makes the renewable energy that is available for us, usable and available long-term. 

The flywheel energy store lets you store 15 times more energy than batteries for the same space used up.

The modular design means you have the flexibility to increase or reduce the size of storage 'bank' that works for you - totally custom made to suit your needs. 

About Interrupt

Why should you be a part of this?

How we can all 'go green'

The solution to go totally 'green' is to store the renewable energy we can harvest. This project is the start of implementing this solution, eliminating fossil-fueled energy.

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The future

Have you ever imagined not paying for your energy? 

What about harvesting and storing your own energy, total independence and security?

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