We're interrupting the renewable energy supply, making  it fit our modern lifestyles. 

Most renewable supplies are not available 24 hours a day. We live needing access to energy around the clock, the missing piece is a green energy store. We need a storage solution that meets our day-to-day and long term needs to make our supply 100% renewable.

The Inter-rupt energy core gives you this.

It meets your day-to-day and long term needs without harming the planet. The Inter-rupt Core is a rotary energy store, storing energy kinetically in a passively levitated rotor. The integrated design increases efficiency and minimises losses, so we make good use of our green energy.

The renewable Solution

The missing link preventing renewables becoming 100% of our energy supply is being able to have access 24/7. 

The missing piece is an effective and efficient storage method, that doesn't harm the planet.

We need a suitable storage method, that can cope with our day-to-day and long term needs. This is what Inter-rupt is bringing to you. 

We are offering a kinetic energy store, that does not use harmful chemicals or dangerous materials. It can handle your day-to-day and long-term needs, storing efficiently, with a high power and energy density, 15 times more than batteries.

Demonstrator units are underway to jump start getting to market. Find more information here.



At Inter-rupt we have two channels of connecting and getting involved. 

We have the traditional social media channels; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where every one can get involved. use the links below, or search Inter-rupt.  

Our second platform is Patreon

Inter-rupt Patrons can support in four different ways, you will see the different benefits of each, you can opt in as an EcoRaiser, an EnergyBooster, a PowerBooster or an Inter-ruptChampion. The selection of benefits and rewards are detailed for each on our account. 

The Inter-rupt Patreon account will be launching soon.


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